Episode One: The Beast from the Bay


David Phillips of the Bellingham Herald gets a story of a lifetime. Western student Juniper Harper is thrust into the middle of a sinister conspiracy. Can these two unravel the mystery of the “Beast from the Bay”?

Podcast Version

Streaming Version:

“The Beast from the Bay” is written and produced by Riley and Bryna Sweeney. Elise Gowen and Eric Prochnau provided script edits and Devlin Sweeney is our sound technician. Rebecca Powell served as our production assistant.


Bryna Sweeney                                 June Harper
Riley Sweeney                                  David Philips and Gladstone
Adam Gaines                                    George Vanderveen
Bradford Stewart                            Adrian
Emma Burnfield                             Mabel
Brooks Collins                                 Editor
Doug Robanser                               Officer O’Malley
Kate Hisdal                                      Librarian
Karen Powell                                   Nurse
Scott Hisdal                                     Worker
Richard May                                     Narrator


4 thoughts on “Episode One: The Beast from the Bay

    • We can definitely shoot you an email when the next episodes drop. We’ve completed Season One (the 10 eps you see here) and we’re doing a holiday special that should arrive in December, with Season two arriving next August.


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